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Smith Stag, LLC

365 Canal Street, Suite 2850,
New Orleans, LA 70130
Phone: (504)-593-9600

Located in New Orleans,


Smith Stag LLC, focuses on plaintiff-oriented, environmental and toxic tort cases. Firm’s partners, Stuart Smith and Michael Stag pioneered the field of Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Materials (TERM) oilfield waste litigation. TERM is sometimes also referred to as NORM or Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM), or TENORM.


By-products of oil and gas exploration and production, TERM and NORM are radioactive, highly toxic and extremely harmful to human health. In 1992, Stuart Smith was the first attorney to take an oil company to trial for damages caused from NORM/TERM. In a 2001 Stuart Smith and Michael Stag jointly prosecuted the widely publicized Grefer case. A jury returned a verdict of $1.056 billion dollars against Exxon/ Mobil Corporation, the world’s largest oil company, in favor of the firm's client after a six-week trial. The landmark verdict was listed in Lawyers Weekly, USA as the second largest verdict in the United States for 2001. Another notable case by Smith Stag, LLC is the highly publicized Murphy Oil class action litigation, currently pending in Federal Court. Smith Stag, LLC represented residents and business owners who sustained property and other economic damages caused by a massive oil spill at the Murphy Oil Refinery in Chalmette, Louisiana. The firm also represents thousands of other clients injured by toxic chemicals or defective products, and personal injuries arising from commercial vessel, cruise ship and offshore accidents.


Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith